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Started Feb 15, 2005 | Discussions thread
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How to confirm if curve was properly installed?

Sorry to asked this crazy question...just came up with the Idea?

How do i confirm if the curved was properly installed in my camera...

Is it under optimize image then scroll down to Custom?

noticed too under Imaged comment there was a check besided attached comment?

Thanks....I know the colors imporve somewhat......

bernsquick wrote


thanks for the info....matter of fact I downloaded
the correction curve v4

just amazed how my photos comming out now......

for my post processing im using the Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8......

fotogenetic wrote:
The P&S curve improves upon the White Wedding curves by capturing
highlight information that would've otherwise been lost. Besides
that, there is no difference. This is why I only have the latest
versions of my curves up on my website. Honestly, I don't know why
people keep the old versions of my curves on their websites for
others to download. I only update my curves if the new curve
completely obsoletes the older curves. Too many curves only causes

bernsquick wrote:

Thanks for the Help...It worked!!!!!!!!


Todd Smigelski wrote:

Update to the latest version of Capture

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