Homemade flourescent lighting: Any experience with Daystars?

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Re: Ring Lite system

From what I remember about physics, light behaves as a wave - it undergoes reflection, refraction, and diffraction just like any wave would.

So, with multiple sources of light, you're bound to create interference patterns. With the ringtubes stacked against each other, the sources are so close that the nodal and anti-nodal lines will be spread further apart. Depending on the reflector, this may result in a bright hot spot eminating from the center (created by very strong constructive interference) and a dropoff in light intensity of the same magnitude around the periphery of the center hot spot.

This optical interference may be considered as an interaction of two or more light waves which yield a resulting flux that is different from the scalar sum of the component fluxes.

I hope that makes sense. It's just a guess tho.

Teemu Niskanen wrote:

What if you would stack ringtubes (same size) like donuts and make
a reflector to cast light evenly? Just a thought...

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