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Re: Examples?

dexphoto wrote:

Do you have any before/after images to post? Maybe the jpeg and raw
conversion before/after pics? I'd also love to see it "straight"
raw then again "optimized" raw.

Hi, well, I did but I had deleted the folder already. Heres what happened, I have actually been wanting to try out shooting in RAW but I was to lazy to find my Canon CDs with the RAW software

so after reading some of the current threads about RAW I decided to try RAW today at work on my lunch time. So at lunch time I started shooting in RAW/.JPG.

After I got home I went into my backyard and started shooting again, at really anything and nothing in particular, so after I finished with my backyard I then loaded up the pictures from my 1gig CF and when I double-clicked on the first RAW file my PSP-9 took over and I started using the built in utility for RAW conversions

I really now understand the difference between the two formats. There was quite a significant difference in quality between the two formats which surprized me although maybe it was just my PSP-9 RAW utilty, I don't know as I am new to this

Another thing that caught me off guard is the size differential of files, WOW! I took so many shots using the RAW/.JPG that my last 5-8 shots in the folder were only in the .JPG format, hehe, the folder was just under

one gig so I deleted it since nothing was really worth keeping as I was just testing out my 20D in RAW.

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