New generation of "digital" lenses: only a commercial strategy?

Started Jun 28, 2001 | Discussions thread
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Re: New generation of "digital" lenses: only a commercial strategy?

In this case (1:1 coverage) should a good old generation lens
perform like a new "digital" lens ?

Pier Luigi

No it won't - or all things working properly - then the old lenses are still too soft for digital. The photosites work on agitation which responds to wavelengths that are "invisible" on film and thus the CCD records more information which has the effect of adding to the file’s non-image forming light (on film) and effectively softens the image.

New generation lenses need to be cut to a much finer tolerance to eliminate these wavelengths and not to add to the vibrations and thus not get recorded as something that gets interpolated into the image – as was known about with film but was not recorded.

Film needs direct light to cause a reaction in a grain of silver and an accelerator to enhance the effect. CCDs convert all light into signal data (image/stray light/noise). These need to be recorded at the perpendicular for the cleanest images, any deviation cause the “purple fringing” or otherwise incorrectly know as “CA”.

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