New generation of "digital" lenses: only a commercial strategy?

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Re: New generation of "digital" lenses: only a commercial strategy?

Well, so guys.. one more reason (I already was oriented in this direction).. to wait for CCDs or CMOS with 1 : 1 correspondence with 35mm format

In this case (1:1 coverage) should a good old generation lens perform like a new "digital" lens ?

Pier Luigi

Bob Klein wrote:

David wrote:

Well I dont fully understand the mechanics but I think that it has
something with the way that light must fall on a chip as compared
to film. So lenses designed for digital cameras in theory should be
better for that situation.

David is correct. The problem is with wide angle lenses. The light
rays at the edges of the image strike the sensor (CCD or CMOS) at
an extreme angle. The currently available 14mm lens for 35mm film
cameras is a 21 for digital. Those of us who shoot film have been
spoiled by zooms down to 17mm. Its not currently possible to design
a non-fisheye lens wider than than the 14mm. But something like a
10mm lens could be designed if it only had to service the pro
digital SLR.

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