File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

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Re: File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Georgi wrote:

Guys, I just tried to back up my work on my DVD-RAM and it doesn't
finish because it keeps finding filenames that are too long.

I don't get the option to change it or skip it or anything, just to
acknowledge and then it stops the process.

Since this will probably be a problem regardless what I use to back
things up, do you know if there is a filerenaming utility that will
SEARCH out LONG filenames and let me change them?



Googled'd Google Groups
w/ "burning cd long filename"

and came up with these tidbits:


Little did I know the solution would be so easy and so close at hand.
A very kind genius taught me a neat trick using the "?" in find files
in Win9x. I remember know that there was the ? symbol (versus
wildcard) but I never use it so lost in my memory. I just plugged
this in to find files (apparently there are 63 of them though I didn't
count ):


my computer found 686 entries that were this length and longer!
I'm laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. And the names are
presented exactly as I need them, right there so I can make changes.
I may search for 65 instead, that way as I get them smaller they'll
stop appearing in screen. Once there are none there, I'll know
they're all 64 and less. Far out!!

Elegent yet simple solution that will solve my problems re this issue.
And I can save the search so it's handy whenever I need it just before
a backup and won't tie my system down (this found all 686 files
quickly, when the burning app does it, it takes forever as it churns
them up).

Just made my day!!


Thank you Anne, good to know. To summarize so far, File Renamers we
know can handle shortening (truncation) of very long filenames:

1-4a Rename
The Rename

And a finder that can help you find long file names,
but where you must do the renaming file by file your self:

Long Filename Finder

Let's say you want to shorten file names to 8 characters long.
Type %b(1,8).%e in Siren's expression field. Change the number
(8) to tyour liking. "%e" means the extension.

The syntax in The Rename is slightly different, but follows the same
logic, so if 8 is the number then:


Some other nice features I have noticed about The Rename program,
regarding very long file names: It has configurable options (under
View, Options menu) like:

under "General":
Find Long Names
[x] Check Path + Filename (default)
[ ] Filename Only
[ ] Path Only
[ ] Prefix Only

under "Monitor Long Names"
[ ] Monitor Long Names
Maximum Lenth of Name [255] (default)
When a filename is to long:
[ ] Ask confirmation before renaming it
[X] Don't rename it (default)
[ ] Ask me the name
[ ] Truncate the name with given length
Length [ ]



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