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Digital and quality issuesl

We have had several digital cameras in our studio over the past few years (to see if digital can be an addition to the film cameras still used here). For what it's worth, we get the impression that film cameras were produced (maybe because they are more mechanical and optical machines with 'just' some electronics for metering and later also for auto focus) more precisely. Digital cameras have become very popular with new models every year (or even faster). You used film cameras for years, but who of you is still using his/her first digital camera? Digitals have become mass produced machines with a very limited lifetime (maybe they can become old, but who can tell?).

Our experience shows that digital cameras have a large variety in built quality and performance. With two top brands (because of agreements with our suppliers, I can't give you the names) we had quarrels about bad aligned sensors (not completely horizontal/vertical). They both reacted with the statement that this is normal for mass produced cameras (?!) and didn't want to correct it. Also cameras of same brand and type showed variation in metering and auto focus performance. To be completely honest, film cameras with auto focus can also sometimes show some variation, but far less.

So maybe the consumer should demand from cameramakers to make and deliver consistently performing products. Since the digital camera boom they make a lot of money (after years of slow and declining business in the film photo business). The average price of digital cameras is still a lot higher than film cameras and with the limited lifespan, there is a lot of repeat sales. So they owe it to us!


Howard Katz wrote:

Adam Witkowski wrote:

During the previous week I've tested Canon Pro 1, Minolta A200 and
finally Nikon Coolpix 8800.
I made pictures with flash and without it, mostly indoor.
My biggest surprise was inability to properly focus by Nikon. Also
most of flash pictures were underexposed. Those pictures with
positive focus lock were very sharp.
On the other hand, A200 focused in almost dark room and locked.
Exposures were very good, although those with onboard flash were
slightly overexposed. The sharpness was much worse than of Nikon,
but razor sharp after sharpening in PS.
The Canon I didn't liked at all, although it was not bad in every
Finally, my decision is Minolta A200, which in my opinion is the
best handling camera.


I continue to experience the false focus lock that Simon described
in his review in low light situations with my A200. Since Simon
and I seem to be the only ones experiencing this I sent KM an
e-mail today describing the problem and asking if the camera needs
repair. I'm curious to hear their response.

I took the following 2 shots last night in my well lit kitchen with
flash. These came out pretty well but I can't tell you how many
times I received false focus locks. It occurs in all of the focus

Still I'm enjoying the results from the A200

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