File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Started Feb 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
Mike Fulton Senior Member • Posts: 1,480
Re: Which might be the case here but

Georgi wrote:

I've seen the files it's talking about and they're damn long so
that doesn't help either.

The problem is it doesn't offer me the chance to rename them or
something and it simply stops copying and I don't know where the
hell to resume from so I have to stop and with a directory with
over 4 gigs of files, it makes it hard to find what the machine
last copied.

Of course, until recently, I had no idea that the WHOLE path makes
a difference so I've never really practiced any restraint.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the filenames are probably UNDER 256
charcters or whatever's allowed but as you say, they are usually
under SOME folder or two.

In this case, these I think were under two levels of folders and
although their names were fairly normal, the filenames WERE long.

So, any ideas for automatically finding filenames/paths LONGER than
the allowed characters?

I have source code for a program that can walk directories and do stuff to files that could be modified to look for things that exceed a certain maximum... the question is, what is the maximum? And what do you do with the files that exceed it? That is, HOW do you rename it? Just a random numbered filename, or what?


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