Cash-In-With-Canon Rebate woes..

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Cash-In-With-Canon Rebate woes..

I just want to make my own little public demonstration here. So bear w/ me..

Like so many others, I was really pumped when I heard about the rebate program Canon was running last fall/winter. I saw it as my golden chance to buy in and upgrade from the slow, non-responsive realm of P&S cameras. I jumped in head first splurging to maximize my rebate. I bought the DRebel kit, the EF-70-200 f/4 L, and the EF-15 f/2.8 fish-eye. The fish-eye was bought for a co-worker so that we could both exersize the rebate to it's max. All said I expect some $450 back. I bought in late October, but held onto the paperwork thinking I might buy another lens after the holidays. In the end I didn't though, and just submitted the paperwork for the two lenses plus body in early January. I first pre-registered online via the address, printed off the paperwork they generated, and made my mailing. I read and followed some of the excellent advise I read here about photocopying everything and ensuring I had everything included hoping to make the process painless and not give them any excuses for denying my claim.

After what seemed like forever I finally noticed last night that the status of my rebate had changed, indicating they'd received my paperwork. Unfortunately it seems they've reduced my rebate amount to $250. They list the following error:

"Our records indicate that the lens/body number submitted is a duplicate"


Presumably this would be for one of the lenses as both carried a $25 rebate. That, plus the loss of the 3x factor on the other two items would drop the total to $250.

Last night I called them and talked to a girl that honestly sounded about 12 years old. She was perfectly helpful though, so no harm-no foul, yet.. They claim they are going to 'research' the issue and will call me back in 7-10 days.


So at present I am STILL out my rebate monies. I'm patient, but I do expect the full $450. I played fair, I bought from reputable, authorized retailers. I followed all the rules of the rebate program and submitted everythint that was asked on time and in the proper format. But this is a helluva hasstle! Canon, if you're listening, stop w/ the rebate BS. How about just extending sales on the product directly. Maybe 'instant' rebates or whatever. Stop banking on people who don't finish the paperwork. All it does is anger those of us who do finish the paperwork!

Hopefully I see my money soon enough and able to update this thread w/ some good news..


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