File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Started Feb 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
Mike Fulton Senior Member • Posts: 1,480
Re: File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Georgi wrote:

Guys, I just tried to back up my work on my DVD-RAM and it doesn't
finish because it keeps finding filenames that are too long.

I don't get the option to change it or skip it or anything, just to
acknowledge and then it stops the process.

Since this will probably be a problem regardless what I use to back
things up, do you know if there is a filerenaming utility that will
SEARCH out LONG filenames and let me change them?

Keep in mind that the problem may be that the complete pathname is too long, not just the filename itself. If you have things several levels of folders deep, with descriptive names on each folder, this can easily happen.

If that's the case, changing your folder hierarchy or renaming the folders may be required.


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