20Da and X-ray vision

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Dont post more, end of thread

Perhaps I should have a bit more careful. Cindy is correct.
I will ask thread to be removed.

The issue was more that some really hated SONY for limiting Night Shot / IR to 60/s. Always thought that that was a Legal thing.

We can stop this post now, don’t want to spoil for others.


Sis-Q wrote:

I remember a thread in the stf where somebody shot a woman in a
conservative black business suit, and the 707 recorded an image
clearly showing her thong. It was a streetlife type photo and she
was unaware her pic had been taken, let alone the camera could see
through her suit. I don't believe the photographer shot it just to
get the x-ray view, but was excited when he did and posted it. A
bunch of forum geeks went gaga over the image, including one who
thought this was OK because women wanted to display their thongs
after all. lol
The thread was appropriately removed. So yes, it is possible, and
there are sicko's out there who will put it to use. I see it as a
somewhat dangerous thing when, as seen in other threads,
photographers are being increasingly restricted. Once a few news
stories hit about x-ray cameras out there it will only mean trouble
for those of us who just want to take a 'normal' pic.

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