AMD Athlon vs. P4 for PS 6.0?

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AC Gounaris
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Think of ALL the alternatives:)


The way your question is phrased, it ...begs the answer: The G4 will run it better, although in the second question you seem to be set in staying with the Wintel world.

Have you considered Apple's G4 desktop system? Check Apple's web site. Photoshop is optimized for the G4 (and the multiprocessor G4) and takes full advantage of the Velocity Engine technology of the chip and it really goes FAST. Even Adobe's Chariman, John Warnock, said that the G4 is "significantly faster than any other platform running P6." He should know, right?

It's like Office always running faster on Wintel machines because it is "connected" to the OS. Same thing with Macs and Photoshop. I think the exercise is worthwhile.

Good luck,


Ben wrote:

Which processor will run PS 6.0 better? Does the P4 have the
advantage in using RDRAM with a faster bus speed?

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