Question for the Candid photographers.....

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Re: Question for the Candid photographers.....

Daemeon wrote:

Is it custom to ask a person whom you are photographing in a public
forum like a park if you can take their picture (thereby oftentimes
ruining "candidness" of the photo)?


Or do you just snap away and assume that it is implyed with your
big beefy camera and long lens......???

Don't use a long lens. Smaller cameras work better. Use a wide lens and get in close.

Is there a middle ground???

Shoot in plain sight, so people who are sensitive about being photographed have the chance to see you and let you know they don't like it (they will notice you and your camera). Almost everyone will ignore it. Don't try to avoid people's eyes, and be ready to chat with them if they initiate conversation; be sensitive to "hostile vibes" and if someone shows that they don't want you photographing them, let them know you respect their wishes. (Over the past five years, I've missed about one shot this way.)

I ask oftentimes (but not always), but I hate doing so, since
people change their mannerisms and expressions when I break out my
beefy camera with its beefy lenses (either the 80-200L, or the

What say you???

Too beefy. Or, well, if you use them comfortably and dress for the part, people will think "PJ" and either mug for the camera, ignore you, hide, or talk to you. Mostly ignore you. (For some reason, many people assume I'm a PJ even though my lenses are a good deal less beefy than yours, and certainly less beefy than what most PJ's would use.)

But the gear really doesn't matter; it's all about how comfortable you are using them. If you're unsure of yourself,

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