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Re: LS743 Quickview

Per Jefsen wrote:


I just got an LS743, earlier I had an LS443. The 743 is great, much
better image quality, but there is one thing that greatly annoys me

  • there seems to be no way of turning off the 'Quickview' feature,

that is, everytime I take a picture it is displayed afterwards for
about 5 seconds, before the camera returns to shooting mode. Sure,
I can overrule it by pressing the shoot button again, but the
camera still takes about a second to come back to shooting mode,
during which the screen is black.

On the 443 I could turn off both Liveview (whether or not the
screen should be on by default) and Quickview (5 sec picture
review), on the 743 only Liveview can be turned off it seems

Anyone managed to turn that off somehow?

There doesn't seem to be. I can understand why they may have done this but not to give the choice is crazy.



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