Presentation from Kodak VP and Q&A

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Presentation from Kodak VP and Q&A

Yesterday, I attended a presentation spoken by Nancy Carr who is the Director of Strategic Brand Alliances and Vice Presdient of Digital and Film Imaging Systems. Nancy came to Kodak from Nikon a few years ago and basically changed their digital strategies and turned them into a market leader. I was extremely impressed with her presentation and how she showed such confidence in Kodak leading the digital camera market. I got some notes from her presentation.

  • Primary target audience: women, especially moms. The reason is that studies show that moms are more involved in getting pictures printed, organizing pictures, etc. while the men often would shoot pictures and nothing more. (I'm one of them)

  • George Eastman's quote: "You push the button, we do the rest". George Eastman wanted photography to be simple so Kodak decided to follow in his footsteps and EasyShare was created.

  • EasyShare is a huge success and enabled them to become a market leader. Currently 18 million EasyShare users. They're changing Ofoto to EasyShare Gallery to promote the simplicity of digital photography.

  • They are happy with the fact that they are a market leader, but they have no intention of slowing down. They realize that the market is volatile at this point so they're taking advantage of their momentum.

  • They are proud of their color science. They kept many of their best researchers from film to collaborate with the digital imaging team to create the best color science on the market. They feel that no other company can duplicate it because of their experience with film. Other companies are looking at Kodak's color science as a benchmark.

  • Kodak currently owns 67% of digital photography patents.

  • Many cell phone companies want Kodak to help them with digital cameras in their cell phone. Kodak doesn't think it is profitable to them.

  • Kodak doesn't make much profit from hardware (cameras, printers). They rely mostly on services to reap in profits. Printer accessories, paper, kiosks, Ofoto, etc.

  • Kodak is looking into collaborating with Samsung in providing LCD displays that connect to the EasyShare Gallery. They think this could appeal to places like the airport, offices, etc.

I got a chance to speak with Nancy after the presentation and thought I wouild share them with you.

Any chance for RAW or TIFF format in DX6490/7590?

Basically no. However they are currently looking into it for future products. She said that they are very aware that this feature has been requested frequently by Kodak owners.

EasyShare One camera:

I got a chance to look and play with the EasyShare One camera. I must say that this is one impressive camera. I asked Nancy if there were any concerns that other companies would duplicate it before they released it to the market in June. She responded that it would require them to implement services and it would take them years to catch up. She repeatedly emphasized that their color science cannot be beat.

I know I left some things out but I will update if I remember.

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