Do you feel 'complete'? With what lenses?

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Re: the 28-105 USM

lisafx wrote:

c.hammett wrote:

I also have a little original 28-105 USM that is nice if I REALLY
want to travel LIGHT. I've thought about getting rid of this lens,
but it has been handy at times.

You know, I am in the same situation with this lens. Even though I
have the range covered with other lenses, I just can seem to part
it. It is so sharp, fast focussing, and feather light.

Interesting comment!

Particularly at UK prices, 'L' lenses are out of my budget. Having tried a few lenses, and read reviews of most lenses, for my 'new' D60 I bought the 28-105 3.5/4.5 as my main lens. Initial results are very impressive, as long as I stop down a little. Great value.

In addition, I have a Canon 20mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.8 and a Cosina 100mm macro which I'd kept from my old EOS film outfit, the rest of which I sold a few years ago.

Perhaps a 100-200mm 5.6 L will follow - 'L' quality at a price I can afford, if I can find one!


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