Q: Set white balance with flash on?

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Re: Possible Misguidance

Donald Tabbutt wrote:

The 20D manual says a gray card is more accurate for color balance.
It's the only thing I use.

The manual is often wrong. They are generally written by people contracted to write them, who have no first-hand experience, based on materials given to them, and a few meetings with people at the company. One of my closest friends is a manual writer.

As for your assertion that gray cards are "off", consider that
Kodak has been producing them, and pros have relied on them, for
many decades without complaint.

For reflectance, more than color purity.

The only thing "off", is your opinion, or misunderstanding, of how
to use gray cards. Catch up to the 1940's.

OK, now explain to me why the Kodak step chart I have is magenta/grey, while the background is actually grey?

I have read many people who have tested their white/grey card, and found that the grey card had more of a tint.

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