Sigma 18-50mmf2.8 or Pentax 16-45mm to buy???

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Re: Sigma 18-50mmf2.8 or Pentax 16-45mm to buy???

Does anybody know something about the 18 - 125 mm F 3.5-5.6 DC ?

Although it isn't really one from the same category, maybe it could be interested.
It's like a 28-200, the overall lens for the 35mm-SLR.

But I'm afraid of what would come out from tests, especially at wide-angle, as mostly performance tend to regress when zoomratios extend, especially the distortion the vignetting.

Rick Ashford wrote:
I opted for the Sigma 18-50 f2.8 DC EX over the Pentax 16-45.
Primarily, I did so because of what I had read about vignetting and
lens shadow issues using the 16-45 with the DS onboard flash.
These are non-issues with the Sigma lens. Plus, this Sigma lens
received a very favorable rating from tests done by Popular
Photogaphy magazine compared to the Pentax 16-45. And I wanted the
extra lens speed. And I must admit, I really like being able to
zoom the full range of this lens from 18mm to 50mm at f2.8. I'm
sure the Pentax 16-45 is an excellent lens. But so is the Sigma
18-50 f2.8. They both have their strong points -- and they both
have their weaknesses. I don't think you can go wrong with either

CSLee wrote:

i m planing to buy one of these lens but don't know which one is
better in term of performance (focusing
speed/accurate,sharpeness,contrast and etc.).can anyone please help
me ,i m lose ?.

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