A200: just how much JPEG compression?

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Re: If I may be forgiven for.....

Hang on! I can spout any cliches I want, it's a free forum!

The reason why I make these comments is because I have been regularly upgrading cameras and scanners for a few years now without finding the image quality of pocket digicams quite up to what I was looking for.

But I now believe that the 8MP cams have reached a standard where the image quality of the camera is no longer an obstacle so we can more or less forget about it and concentrate on composition. The fact that some people obsess about the last 0.000001% of differences in technical quality (1000s of posts on these forums and so much anxiety) is what becomes really boring.

However, as you are so insistent about jpeg deficiencies, I spent my lunchtime in some rare sunshine shooting some direct jpeg to raw comparisons. I'll process them this evening and see of I can tell the difference in actual prints.

KEITH-C wrote:
....... for saying so - you are at it again. I wouldn't disagree
with the statement that the current crop of 8MP cameras is on the
whole good but that was not the issue . I was specifically talking
about Jpeg compression & its impact on quality.

Who was blaming the camera for unsatisfactory results? I was
suggesting that the result of Peg compression was less than perfect

  • that has very little to do with whether the content of an image

is pleasing as a photograph.

Stop trotting out worn out cliques such as the 'bit that presses
the shutter' These homilies maybe comforting like the endless
repetition of a mantra but after a while they get boring !!

DMillier wrote:
Oh dear!

The current crop of 8MP cameras not perfect but they are good. Good
enough IMO that we can no longer fall back on blaming the camera
for our unsatisfactory results. In 99% of images the weakest part
is likely to be the bit that presses the shutter....


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