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one here locally

not sure how successful it's been. the studio rates are a little high for the average person, but perhaps for a pro with no studio it works.

the food is okay, but it's more of a coffee / danish place. if you can run a food place well, then that should keep the business going, but in our market, there are way to many places to eat.

Faran wrote:


I am a new member of this community. Me and my friends are working
on a business plan of "Photographic Cafe" where photography
enthusiasts can meet up, spend time together and also benefit from
the spcialized photographic services provided there.

The idea is to combine the two elements of good food and
photography together in a cafe. Follwowing are the services we are
hoping to provide in that cafe:

1. Seminars and events related to photography.
2. A collection of photographic magazines and books.
3. Display of photographic work by frequently visiting customers.
4. Developing and printing facilities.
5. Computer facilities for editing and touching of photographs
before printing.
6. Good food.
7. Mini studio rental.
8. Dark room rental.
10. Seminars and talks on photography

We are not sure about our idea and we will be very thankful if you
can spare a minute to fill out our survey. It is very short and
will only take around three minutes. Please click here:

Thank you.

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