Sigma 18-50mmf2.8 or Pentax 16-45mm to buy???

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Just to be different...

I like to point out that the 16-45 is limited when using the internal flash from about 16-28, the extened barrel will get in the way and leave a shadow in your picture, I also noticed on mine that most of the pictures were a stop or two darker then compared to my Pentax primes and Sigma 18-50. I sold mine a while ago...but wouln't mind having one back some day for the sharpness and I would learn to deal or compensate with the underexposure tendency. Last fall when I was looking to upgrade my Sigma 18-50 I was torn between getting aonther 16-45(despite it's issues) or another Penatx zoom model...I eventually went with a couple primes instead and replced the Sigma with the Pentax 18-55.

ido wrote:

CSLee wrote:

i m planing to buy one of these lens but don't know which one is
better in term of performance (focusing
speed/accurate,sharpeness,contrast and etc.).can anyone please help
me ,i m lose ?.

my opinion is that Pentax 16-45 the best in range 15 to 50 despite
its a bit slower

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