Hollywood girls and skin tone! (D2H images)

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Re: Hollywood girls and skin tone! (D2H images)

I prefer my messageboard female photo skin tones to be George Hamilton orange, thank you very much. Unless they are indian and latino, in which case they must be grey.

What stroboframe bracket would you start out with if you had to buy another? Or cheap video bracket for that matter.

Orange skin tones I can live with, but red-eye is driving me crazy. And the red-eye setting freaks people out with all the pre-flashes.


Jonathan F/2 wrote:

I met these girls at a club in Hollywood and told them how I
contribute to a geeky camera forum and how its become saturated
with too many photos of birds, children and solitary landscapes for
lonely old men. They felt sorry for all of you and decided to pose
and prove how well teh D2H does skin tones!

All taken with my D2H, 18-70 lens, SB-800 flash mounted on a cheap
video bracket. Comments welcome!

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