Basketball feedback please

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Re: Basketball feedback please

I'm lucky that the house lights in the arena are so bright I can use 400 ISO on a 1.4 lens.

daniel korup wrote:
where the lights that good that you needed only 400 iso.....nice
shutter speed for that iso ....I mainly shoot in high school gyms
and I'm at 1600 to get a fair amount of shutter speed. doesnt look
like you were using any strobe?

They are all great shots


andrewlam wrote:

RaymondC wrote:

Hello all,
Im trying to select some of my best images from the basketball I
have shot this season. Please have a look at the twelve that I
have put together and let me know what you think. Which ones do
you like? Which ones would you get rid off? Do any of them look
over processed? Don't hold back, critique at will!


Post this in the FM sports corner, if you haven't already. I think
the folks over there are a lot more helpful.

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