The great 50mm test (OM50 vs. 40-150 vs. 14-45, large!)

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Bram Bos
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The great 50mm test (OM50 vs. 40-150 vs. 14-45, large!)

After being blown away by the sharpness and other optical qualities
of the OM50 I decided to put it against my other Zuiko lenses:
The 40-150 and the 14-45 (which I used at 45mm).

Interesting results:

  • the OM beats both other lenses at sharpness

  • I can see Adam's "mushy-grass-syndrome" but it seems to be

related to lens quality: in the kitlens it's much more apparent than
in the other two lenses. On a sidenote: this is a really tiny crop, and

the grass issue isn't visible at all in print. I'll still pick JPG for everyday use.

  • For a budget-zoomlens, the Zuiko 40-150 is a GREAT piece of glass.

  • I must turn down my in camera sharpness a notch on the 40-150

  • I adore my OM 50mm prime lens...

Here are the crops, no postprocessing (only removed my license-plates):

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