Salesman insisted on me getting a UV lens

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Re: Salesman insisted on me getting a UV lens

jimh12345 wrote:

I really hadn't intended to belabor this point. I offered the
bicycle helmet issue as an analogy, a case where conventional
wisdom is being challenged. I'm not religious about it; sometimes I
wear a helmet, usually I don't.

There are also occasions on which I have chosen not to, but I don't kid myself about those occasions: I am choosing to run an increased risk in return for comfort.

It's perfectly fine to make that decision, and I am opposed to legal compulsion, but it's not ok to claim that the increased risk doesn't exist.

The real pont of the web site is that proponents of bicycle helmet
laws can't make the statistical case.

We'll never have solid stats for bicycle crashes for one simple reason: in the vast majority of cases where no serious injury results, the accident will never be officially recorded anywhere. No police, no ambulance, no hospitalisation, no insurance claim, so no stats.

So for every helmet-wearing crash appearing in the stats, there will be 100 more than don't appear in the stats.


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