To E1 or Not to ..Advice please

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Re: To E1 or Not to ..Advice please

WOW nice pics!!!!! I love the crispness of Oly images.

Leejay Wu wrote:

Hmmm. I've used ISO 800 indoors a couple of times. Two of the
pictures in

were taken at ISO 800; while those have been downsampled quite a
bit, they may still be of interest. I had one of the two (the one
with dangling vines) printed at 8x10 as a test case and one really
couldn't see much noise.

For a full-size, non-downsampled ISO 400 shot of a squirrel, try
just be warned that it's full-size! Granted, it's outdoors, but
it's still ISO 400 and non-downsampled.

If you do want to use flash, but don't want a big flash like the
FL-50 (which is nifty but big), you may want to consider either the
FL-36 (smaller cousin, apparently) or the small and rather
no-frills FL-20 (not particularly powerfu with a guide number of
20m @ ISO 100 -- a little less than twice the range of many
built-in flashes; no zoom; no tilt/swivel; but should fit in a
shirt pocket and not cost too much). Non-dedicated flashes may
also work, but it wouldn't surprise me if metering / control
options were limited.

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