Olympus Service Center Problems

Started Jun 21, 2001 | Discussions thread
bob Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: Olympus Service Center Problems

Bob Klein wrote:

My seven week old c-3040 developed black spots on all images.
Olympus east coast says its debris on the ccd. The work is
completed in a week. When I get it home it immediately locks up. I
drive it back to Olympus. This time its the CA-2 circuit board.
Are these guys causing as many problems as they are fixing? Besides
that, they remove a 32mb Smartmedia card that I have to call back
for. They will only return a 16mm card because "that's all the tech
can find in the shop".
One man's experience with Olympus.

I received excellent service from the east coast repair center when my C3000 developed some dead pixels on the CCD. Also they tell you not to send the camera in with smart media cards or batteries.

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