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At the risk of sounding pompous (It is well meant ....)

in addition to whatever short course or book you choose:

spend several nights going through the manual with the camera in your hand on the kitchen table , knowing the camera contraols and operating system inside out is absolutely essential and there is no other way to do it except to learn it by touch and feel) until it is reflexive.

Then memorize the manual. Take it with you in your camera bag.

upload your name and phone number to the camera startup screen - it will appear every time the camera is started and might result in a returned pro1 if "lost".

familiarize yourself with the wbalance, and exposure compensation controls, the evf/lcd switch, the flash on/off/automatic button and the M Focus button - you will want to use them a lot . Watch out for hitting the macro button inadverently - that happens a lot too....

of particular importance is to being attentive to the info on the screen and what it means - especially the "shaky camera" warning, and the aperture or shutter speeds that are selected

learn to use the histogram - it is easy and is a much better guide than the screen for good exposure.

get really good at half pressing the shutter without firing the camera to set the exposure/focus this is a core skill. if you do not get good at6 doing this to anticipate action you will lose a lot of pix.

I spent a lot of time in the first week or so troubleshooting why my pix were unsharp by looking at the exif data in zoombrowser so that I got a feel for how well I couldnt hold a camera steady. Learned a lot.

Learn to use one camera mode well and understand it as your "this is where I usually set the camera"

In daylight , mine is usually at Av5.6 / 100 iso/ auto white balance flash popup off flash synchro off/EVF on/ autofocus single press/ superfine jpg./ underexpose by 1/3 stop/HS on

set up a custom mode for lower light levels that works for you and save it, make a custom white balance setting for tungsten bulbs - the auto setting is lousy.

learn how to use the manual focus feature - you will need it in low light, I find that if I use the manual focus I get good results by: zooming in, focusing with the manual focus and then zooming out to frame the view as I want. Otherwise I find the Mfocus hard to use. Do not forget to turn it off.

Do not use the "auto" feature much - it does not work well in my opinion - you will probabbly be happier with your pix in Tv or Av mode . In fact I use these two modes most of the time although the fill flash (evening ) mode is great for many circumastances IF YOU HOLD THE CAMERA STEADY. Monopods are good friends , small cheap and effective for pesky dogs.

The pop up flash is a subject all to itself - what with the slow sync capability and the ability to throttle it up and down in power, if you will be shooting a lot with flash study up on this - a weak spot in the camera , but I think all popups are the same. Redeye is terrible!

have fun - it is a great camera

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