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This is a good starting point for me....thank you!

Gary Zuercher wrote:

CJ NYC wrote:

Let me first thank everybody in advance for any advice!

OK, I'm a hobby photographer who has always worked for my own
enjoyment and that of those around me. Photography is not my
profession, but something that I love and helps to keep me sane.

I recenlty took some of my work into a gallery I know in NYC for
framing. These were 20x30's shot with a combination of a 1Ds, 20D,
and 10D, then printed by Ofoto. The gallery loved the work and
offered to give me a section of the gallery for my photography.
They are mostly interested in B&W versions of my cityscapes. This
sounded like a nice way to supplement my income a bit without
having to do much additional work. I don't want to sell him the
files, so I'm going to have them printed and they can handle the

The problem is, I have no idea how to negotiate pricing! If
anybody can help me, I would be really appreciative.


I do a lot of art photography (Nikon D100, Toyo G45 w/ a
BetterLight 6000-HS Digital Back) and sell in many galleries and
on-line. I print my own work on Epson printers (a 10000CF with
Lyson ink and a 9600 with UltraChrome ink) and usually print on
waterproof canvas and gallery wrap the images on heavy-duty
stretcher bars (this method allows for a nice look, but doesn't
entail any framing costs unless the buyer wants to do the framing
themselves). I am in a co-op gallery that takes no commission, a
gallery that takes 35% commission and have been in galleries that
take 50% commission. This may dictate how to price your work. I try
to get $300-$500 after commission for a 20x30, more for a 24x36. If
the sales are by credit card, expect the gallery to deduct more
from what you will receive (usually 5%).

Gary Z.

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