Children's Theater Production--Help!

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Re: Children's Theater Production--Help!

If you really want to keep this simple, calculate a fair price and just charge them that price for the whole job. Give them a set of full-resolution files and tell them to do what they want with them. Let them do all the labor of selling, etc.

Also, there's really no reason to shoot raw for this job as I see it.

You can use off camera strobes as previously suggested and this will take care of any concern for color temperature. I have shot rehearsals with long lenses and available light and it can be very tricky because of the high contrast lighting and the colored lights.

On-camera strobe can result in alot of black holes and be distracting to the performers, even if it's just a rehearsal. However if you don't have off-camera power and slaves you may consider available light only at 800 or 1600 ASA.

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