Olympus Service Center Problems

Started Jun 21, 2001 | Discussions thread
Dave Schambach Contributing Member • Posts: 928
Re: Olympus Service Center Problems

I just FedEx'ed my C2100 to the West Coast Service Center
about 2 hours ago. I had read several negative comments
concerning the East Coast Center. I hope I have better
luck than you did. Did they give you a description of the
function of the CA-2 circuit board? Is it a power regulator
board of some type?


Bob Klein wrote:

My seven week old c-3040 developed black spots on all images.
Olympus east coast says its debris on the ccd. The work is
completed in a week. When I get it home it immediately locks up. I
drive it back to Olympus. This time its the CA-2 circuit board.
Are these guys causing as many problems as they are fixing? Besides
that, they remove a 32mb Smartmedia card that I have to call back
for. They will only return a 16mm card because "that's all the tech
can find in the shop".
One man's experience with Olympus.

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