is the Contax i4r a worthy sucessor to the T2?

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Re: is the Contax i4r a worthy sucessor to the T2?

keensert wrote:

keensert wrote:

Simage wrote:

as something small, pocketable, with briliant image quality? Can I
ask a few other questions please ......

Has anyone used one?
What is the image quality like?
Is 400ASA usable?
Do you believe that Contax still has a future or is it a dying brand?

Many thanks,


Hi simon,

Ive had the i4r a few days now. So far its everything its supposed
to be, very fast. Image quality,very good for cam. this size.
Only thing lacking is zoom, which the u4r has.
Regards, Terry

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capturing pattern and form -

Can you post some sample images (hopefully some shots in different situations)? I can't find any on the web. I am very interested in the i4r as my (always have a camera on me camera)

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