New D2X test in Japanese mag "Digital Photo"

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More details

Dear all,

Here are some more details about the article I mentioned (I don't have it in front of me right now, so I'll just write down what I remember):

  • The overall feedback from the 3 pro shooters is very positive with little to criticize for the camera. They used it with they favourites lenses

  • Landscape shooter (12-24, macro zoom 70-180, 70-200 if I recall): he claims that the D2X's images are definitely suitable for printing to at least A3 even for scenes with a lot of fine details like tree branches etc... He is very positive about the ability of the camera to render subbtle gradations of colors including in the highlights if properlly exposed. The fearture image is a double page image of a snowy forest scene with a river. There is a lot of contrast in the scene. the rendering of small branches covered with ice crystals is impressive IMHO. The snow shows some patches that are a bit burned out, but it is not disturbing IMO. He finds this image to be remarkable and I would tend to agree.

Another image is that of a train approaching in a curve whose side wall is at a very small incidence. Although the image is a bit small, the color transition and shaprness on that side wall of the train appear impressive.

He advises to shoot in color mode III for landscape since this increases saturation. He is also very positive about the RGB histogram and shows with a concrete example how it allowed him to prevent red channel clipping by underexposing 0.7 stop for the macro pic of a red rose.

He is also happy about the very fast display time of the images in playback mode and the zoom capability.

  • Portait shooter (12-24, 17-55, 50 f1.4 and 80f.4): the feature image is a double pages image of a girl wearing a woolen sweather and fine red cotton sweater. The girl only occupies bascically the left part of the horizontal image, and the size of the whool knitting would make it a good candidate for moire IMO, but none is too be seen in print. the skin tones appear to be very good in color mode I.

He goes through a small demo of how the overlay function can be helpful to create creative night shots. A first image with a lot of DOF and flash is used to expose properlly the subject. A second defocussed image without flash is used to create a properlly exposed soft background. This could of course be done in post processing.

  • Sports shooter (200 F2 VR, 300 f2.8 VR and 400 f2.8): starts by claiming that the D2X in crop mode does everything the D2X does with a higher definition and much better controlled noise. He is a bit critical of that mode though since the relative position of the AF sensor move to the outside of the frame compared to "full frame". The frame is also a bit small. He extrapolates that some poeople might not like this mode at all. Some 800 ISO images are shown at small size, and with noise reduction set to high, no noise it to be seen. They didn't test 1600 ISO since the camera was just beta.

The images in print are impressive in terms of color gradation (white silky soccer shirt in the sun) and sharpness.

Finally, they measured the varous write time, response time etc... and everything appears to be on spec.

Oops, got to go now, sorry if this is a bit short.

Hope that it helps,


Bernard Languillier wrote:

Dear all,

For your info, the Japanese mag "digital photo" just published a
20+ pages report on the D2X.

3 pro photogtraphers, one in landscape, the second one in portrait
and the 3rd one in sports tested the camera in actual field

I have just started reading the conclusions, but so far they have
nothing by praise for the camera including image quality and 800
ISO noise.


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