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Jo Lovell
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wrong colour space for 1...

Now I'm no expert in colour spaces, but opening this image in photoshop and assigning adobe RGB makes the red shirt more lively.

So among other things, make sure when you present images on the web you have the pic in srgb.

Secondly, composition in the centre looks a little staid....maybe try focusing manually (you know pretty much how far away the bike will be at the jump esp if tracking horizontally) and experiment with the bike on the left, giving it some 'space' to 'move into' in the frame as it jumps. you can try some cropping to see the sort of overall effect this has.

If it is possible, try to move closer...there may well be restrctions though. You might be surprised just how close to the action you can get though with some good old fashioned manners and and a bit of planning, contacting the events organisers etc. Either that or it is serious money on a faster, longer lense..I know which I'd go for! Then again, money may be less of an issue for you.

Last, I wouldn't worry about the extra step to iso1600 if you need it - it seems like you did. In a normal sized print, no-one wil know. Or, you could creatively lower the ISO, use say 1/60th second and ractice panning for dramatic effect. Hope this all helps, it's critical, but hopefully constructive...


Bill Aukerman wrote:

I took some pictures of an indoor Arena Cross in Dayton. I am a
rookie with a DSLR and I need to some help of what I can do better
next time to improve my picture taking. I see too much noise in my
picture. I understand that my iso is at 800 but with the bikes
moving I had a hard time get brighter pictures without the higher
iso, or I am wrong. I have the 18-70mm kit.

iso = 800
white balance = auto -3
shutter = 1/250
aperture = f4.5

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