Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Firmware update woth it ?Don't you trust Canon?

Metz to come out w/new SCA module #3102 for compatibility w/G1, Pro90IS:

Lisa Horton wrote:
When I bought my first Canon EOS camera about 5 years ago, the
advertisements and manual said that it would work with E-TTL
flashes, it didn't say that it would work with non-Canon flashes.
But it, and the 5 other EOS cameras I've had since DO work with
non-Canon E-TTL flashes.

I have a signifigant investment in non-Canon flash equipment. A
couple of big Metz handle mounts, a large Sunpak shoe mount, along
with brackets, cords, battery packs etc. This isn't pocket change.
All this gear has worked flawlessly with ALL other Canon E-TTL
cameras I've had, and they all said only that they work with Canon
E-TTL flashes.

When the Pro90IS came out I saw the same wording in the
advertisements and specifications. I feel that I was justified in
assuming that the Pro90 would work with this other flash equipment.

Then there's the studio strobes. As has been mentioned, when the
Pro90IS was introduced, it was shown being used with a studio
strobe outfit. Apparently they either had the lights dialed WAY
down, or they didn't let reporters look through the viewfinder. It
would be typical to use this camera set to f5.6 or f8 at the
maximum flash sync speed in a studio setting. At these settings,
with the strobe modelling lights set to track the output of the
flash (a typical setting) the image in the viewfinder is so dark as
to be almost unusable. This clearly makes the Pro90IS less than
ideally suitable for use with studio strobes, a use for which it
has been promoted by Canon.

I can understand that people have an emotional investment in a
camera they paid a lot of money for, not to mention in their
selection process and result. And the Pro90IS is a fine camera in
many ways and for many purposes.

But just because something is 90% excellent doesn't mean it can't
still be 10% utter crap, as demonstrated by the Pro90IS.


Ed Shropshire wrote:
I am getting a little tired of the complaints about the G1 not
using 3rd party flashes. Canon from day one said that the camera
only worked with Canon EX flahses. I have a nice SunPack flash
that is now in my closet gathering dust, but I knew it would when I
bought the G1.


kaoz623 wrote:

Lisa Horton wrote:

kaoz623 wrote:

Lisa Horton wrote:

Jerry wrote:

Don't you all trust Canon?

Not any more. Not after buying a camera that has an
incomplete/incorrect implementation of E-TTL, that won't work with
3rd party E-TTL compatible flashes. Not after buying a camera
promoted as being good to use with studio lights, only to find that
it's not really very well suited at all for that purpose.


what do you think is wrong with the implementation of e-ttl then?

I ahve also tried mine out in a studi with lights (first time for
me, i hasten to add) had lots of fun, and prodcued some reasonabel
pics for first time in studio (used an external meter sekonic for
this - as you really should in a studio)


The problem with the E-TTL is part of the overall flash shoe
problem. It doesn't work with 3rd party E-TTL or even plain TTL
flash units. Every other Canon body that offers E-TTL, even the
lowly Rebel will work with, say, Metz E-TTL compatible flashes.

The studio lighting problem is the dark viewfinder. At 1/125 and
f8, the modelling lights have to be turned up to full brightness to
see much of anything.


didnt ralise that about 3rd part e-ttl, bit of a nightmare! what
have canon said about this?

as for studio i guess ur using modelling lights on flash units? i
myself was not using strobe and found that this was OK, no viewing


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