Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Firmware update woth it ?Don't you trust Canon?

The flash I have is made by Image model TB-100 which I bought many years ago. It's an non-dedicated hand held unit that has a bracket for the G1 (now I can hold the flash instead of holding the G1.) It has dual flashes. One fixed (can be disabled) and aims straight ahead, while the main flash can be rotated almost 360 degrees, and can be tilted 45 degrees up. The unit has three power output options: 1/16th, 1/4, and full. It also has a built-in meter that automatically stops the flash when enough light has reached the set aperture (set on the flash), or manual with full output.

I attach the hotshoe adapter of the flash to the G1 and set the G1 to manual mode, usually 125/F3.5, but I can adjust the apperture for the desired exposure. This has been working great until I upgraded the firmware. My suggestion is not the upgrade.

Hope I explained it clearly.


Georg wrote:

Yu-Lin Chan wrote:

I doubt it will work. The update program checks the current
version before it does the firmware update (it did tell me what
version I had before proceeding with the update). I suspect that
the firmware detects a non-Canon flash and randomly disable the
triggering on purpose!!! How else could be explained that it only
works (or not work) randomly??

Hey Yu-Lin

what flash do you have? I have a Metz 32MZ-3 it sometimes doesnot
fire with the old firmware too! (1 out of ten) I use second curtain
on this with improved results picturewise. But this might be the
reason for not firing?
After I read that the Canon Flash allways uses aperture wide open,
I hesitate buying it. I like the broad DOF on the pictures. So far
I could do pretty well with the Metz (Fstop 4 usually), it would be
a great loss to lose it!


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