Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Firmware update woth it ?Don't you trust Canon?

Hi Georg---

I'm looking at the 32MZ-3 myself, but am waiting for the new SCA 3102 adapter built especially for the PRO 90IS - should be good for the G1 as well. Are you using the SCA 3101 on your 32MZ-3? (Though the 420EX does a good job, I also want more control over flash.)

Georg wrote:

Yu-Lin Chan wrote:

I doubt it will work. The update program checks the current
version before it does the firmware update (it did tell me what
version I had before proceeding with the update). I suspect that
the firmware detects a non-Canon flash and randomly disable the
triggering on purpose!!! How else could be explained that it only
works (or not work) randomly??

Hey Yu-Lin

what flash do you have? I have a Metz 32MZ-3 it sometimes doesnot
fire with the old firmware too! (1 out of ten) I use second curtain
on this with improved results picturewise. But this might be the
reason for not firing?
After I read that the Canon Flash allways uses aperture wide open,
I hesitate buying it. I like the broad DOF on the pictures. So far
I could do pretty well with the Metz (Fstop 4 usually), it would be
a great loss to lose it!


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