Firmware update woth it ?

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Yu-Lin Chan Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: Firmware update woth it ?Don't you trust Canon?

After upgraded the latest firmware, my non-Canon flash can not be triggered reliably any more. Out of the 10 shots, at least 3 or 4 will not fire. Before the firmware upgrade, my flash was triggered reliably almost every shot. So much for the update. I should have skipped it.


Michael W. wrote:
Let's not waste more keystrokes explaining, Peter. Despite
mountains of explanation many people are still clueless.

This update seems to fix only the LCD problem Canon described,
other improvements reported by others seem to be just pure
perceptions. However, the new firmware now also disable some
non-Canon TTL compatible flashes -- so much for undocumented
"fixes". What else can surprise me?


Peter T wrote:
Where did Canon say that? My manual says: "Non-Canon brand flashes
may not fire. Please check the manual for your flash." My third
party flash fires. But the camera doesn't work properly. And the
manual doesn't say anything about that.

Ed Shropshire wrote:

I am getting a little tired of the complaints about the G1 not
using 3rd party flashes. Canon from day one said that the camera
only worked with Canon EX flahses. I have a nice SunPack flash
that is now in my closet gathering dust, but I knew it would when I
bought the G1.

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