Microdrive or CF?

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Re: Microdrive or CF?

Don't forget to budget for a really good quality UV filter. Slap them on as soon as you take your lenses out of the box and never take them off. Protects them from dust and grit, and will absorb energy if you drop it. I smashed one filter when I dropped my 16-35L from chest height onto the sidewalk and it rolled out into traffic. Filter was toast, lens is still perfect.

SFishy wrote:

As you all know, I'm purchasing a 20D pretty soon, and I'm almost
decided on the lenses I'll buy.

Now I have to figure out the needed accessories.

I figure an extra battery is a must.

I'm going to try to get mom to spring for the external flash for my
upcoming birthday

I need to know what kind of memory I should get. Do I go for a 1gig
or 2gig CF Card? Can someone explain the difference and benefits of
a Microdrive, if there are any? In either, what brands would you

Anything else?

beauty is really in the LCD/EVF of the beholder

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