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Aurorax0 Forum Member • Posts: 74
Sure, the right way is the way I do it ;) {nt}

Andrew Eric wrote:
Is there a right way with digital photography? I'm still looking
for it! I like your method when it comes to putting a copyright
over the image, which can get annoying through an action. I use
the web galleries to show clients images from a shoot and put a
copyright right over the image.

Andrew Eric

Aurorax wrote:
But that's why I called it the quick way out and stated that your
way was the "right" way to do it.

Andrew Eric wrote:
Interesting solution, but you don't have as much control over the
size of the image, meaning dpi and resolution. You can only pick

Andrew Eric

Aurorax0 wrote:
You can record a macro to do it.

Alternatively, if you don't want to take the time to learn how to
use macros, you could cheat a little. CS has a web gallery
function built in that generates web galleries. As a byproduct, it
also takes your images and resizes them.
File-Automate-Web Photo Gallery.
Then go to the options tab, click on large images, click on resize
images, enter in pixel count.
Enter in source folder and destination folder.
Hit go

When its done, your resized images will reside in your destination
folder in a folder called "Images"

Dave1234 wrote:

I have many pictures taken with 20D. I want to have them printed as
4*6 photos from an online photo service. I will have to download
them and would like to resize all photos to make downloading
shorter. Question: Is there a way to resize many photos at once in
Photoshop CS, or do I have to do them one photo at a time? With 500
photos, that could take a long time.

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