Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: what woudl it take to make you happy?

Pix Doc wrote:

A lot of companies NEVER update a camera till a new model comes out.
I don't care if there are more updates, they are at least concerned
enough about it to post updates, and are painless to install. I say
keepem coming. Pix Doc

here here. couldnt agree more. i have upgraded, thought the camera to be fine before and it is still fine. i guess if people want to know what it is really doing to the innards of their camera someoen with a very good knowledge of programming will have to dissect the current G1 operating system then look at the firmware upgrade to understand everything that it is doing to the camera. seem like the only way to keep everyone happy.

personally i feel that it takes great pictures and it still does. indeed if you dont upgrade to the latest firmware would Canon have a right to refuse repairs, warranty stuff because you havent, now there's something for you to think about.

try and assume positive intent for what Canon are trying to do, i somehow doubt that they are trying to screw all their G1 users into the ground and i bet even if they had listed more features of the upgrade their would have still been people saying "what else is it doing" "still dont trust them" !! they cant win really can they?


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