Firmware update woth it ?

Started Jun 18, 2001 | Discussions thread
Ken W. Veteran Member • Posts: 3,221
Sorry, but I think you guys are imagining things.

Okay, even though I said I wouldn't, I did. I just updated my firmware! I did so based on the reports so far, regarding faster AF, faster MF and an observable improvement on the one official fix. However, before I did so, I performed some quick and unscientific tests. I tried out the MF to see how fast it worked, I did some autofocussing to see how long it took for the AF to lock and I used tv mode to see if I could notice the symptom that the fix is supposed to fix.

First, I noticed no change in the speed of the MF.
Second, I noticed no noticable improvement with the AF.

Third, I'm not sure iif the official fix made any difference as my camera seems to be working as it always has.

So, for the two unofficial improvements, I'd have to say they are due to wishful thinking. As for the official fix, I know what it is SUPPOSED to do but am not sure how it would manifest itself. Is it flickering as the camera is trying to autofocus? Does it shift in brightness once the AF has locked? What?

Anyway, I guess the only thing I can be "happy" about is that my camera is now up-to-date and didn't lock up in the process.


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