Should the "tail wag the dog" i.e. Is a common storage chip an important choice?

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Re: pick the camera first

Assuming you don't have a lot of money already invested in one type of memory card I would pick the camera that works best for you without giving much importance to the type of memory card it uses. You should consider memory type if it comes down to cameras that you like equally.

Don't forget to consider the cost of memory and extra batteries when evaluating camera cost. I wouldn't want to have less then 512mb of memory and 1 or 2 spare batteries, but everybodies needs are different.

Search this forum and you will see this question asked and answered many times. You will get lots of opinions.

tdabneyroberts wrote:

I would like to know if when choosing a digital camera for my first
one, how important is consideration of the storage format such as
choosing the most common ones such as compact flash and the other
common formats versus xDPicture Card? I have been seriously
considering the Olympus 7000c with the 7.1 megapixal CCD, and it
uses a rather odd ball memory chip, the xD Picture Card. Would I be
making a mistake in buying it versus a camera which uses a more
common chip?
Thomas D. Roberts

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