Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Firmware update woth it ?Don't you trust Canon?

Jerry wrote:

Don't you all trust Canon?

I do. But I think I understand the mentality for Canon and other companies with the same cultural roots, at least as much as any Westerner-raised-on-white-bread boy can. The concept of face is something that can be difficult to fathom, and shows up more often than you might think in dealing with them.

We say, "Why can't those SOBs ever produce something that works properly? Any why can't they then fix it? And quickly at that? Are they so stupid as to think that we don't notice these problems and the incredible slowness employed to address them, even when we scream in their faces in front of everyone? All they do is ignore the serious bugs and faults (who's fault IS this anyway?) and give us little pieces and act like we should be THANKFUL to them!"

They say,"Why can't those good people, who showed such faith in us, our skills, and our products for so many years, allow us to quitely address their legitimate concerns in a way beneficial to all? And why do they yell in our faces so? Now we have many more battles to fight: with our customers, our potential customers, our stockholders, our potential stockholders, our employees who have always considered themselves to be the best, our potential employees, their families, our government, our business "families", your government, our vendors... the battles you have created for us are endless consumers of resources and energy. Sometime we wonder if it is worth doing business with your world!?"

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