Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Digital Eyes Camera Timer

Karen Kenworthy has written a simple Windows timer program you can use to time AF & shutter lag:

The program puts up a rectangular window which counts down seconds: 6-5-4-3-2-1-NOW-then counts up in 0.1-sec increments. Since it's up to you to release the shutter at "NOW", your own reaction time is factored in, giving a very real world measurement.

My times w/ G1:
Tv, full-press at "NOW": 2.8
Tv, half-press to for AF/AE, full press at "NOW": 0.4
Tv, pre-focus w/MF, full-press at "NOW": 0.7
Tv, pre-focus w/MF, AE Lock, full-press at "NOW": 0.4
M, pre-focus w/MF: full-press at "NOW": 1.0
M, pre-focus w/MF: half-press, then full-press at "NOW": 0.2

John R wrote:
I tried 5 or 6 shots after updating to the .2 update and noticed
that the LCD screen does display better than previously - if you
did not notice, try setting to Tv and pointing to a dark area and
slightly depressing the shutter release - I saw this phenomena all
the time, but just thought it was the way it worked. So much for

I too think it focuses and processes the shot faster in Auto and P
mode, and in Tv mode, but don't see the difference as much in Av
mode (from 2 tests, so may not mean anything). Much zippier. Never
try manual focus though, so I cannot tell.

As to the value of the update, I am already happy! Faster and
better screen display - given the cost of the update, I am not
complaining. Others seem to be complaing though..........for me, it
was worth it. But I'll sue if it ensures we never get another
update because we're tied up in court. Come'on - my brother has
gotten zippo updates for his Nikon.

I have an early production run based on the serial number and I am
not having the issues many others report with the G1, especially
the red / magenta issue reported in the forum. I've tried many test
shots and cannot seem duplicate. At least 1,500 shots.

Hilbert wrote:
At the risk of associating a bunch of phantom fixes or improvements
to the new firmware, I thought I noticed that the
autofocusing/exposure lag is faster. Somebody said the manual focus
was faster, which I found to be true also. But the lag time between
pressing the shutter button halfway and hearing the beep declaring
focus/expose confirmation (in P-mode for example) seems to be
signficantly shorter in the little amount of testing that I've
done. Anybody else confirm/deny this?

Deserthawk wrote:

Seems to be very little new in this firmware update. Is it even
worth the hassle and the risk of something going wrong ?


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