Firmware update woth it ?

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Re: Firmware update woth it ?

Michael W. wrote:

Has anyone tested an updated G1 with non-Canon flash in manual
mode? Many believed that with it used to work fine, but
fact is most G1's with now only works properly with
non-Canon flashes in Av and Tv modes. Did M mode get fixed? or did
Av and Tv go bezerk as well? or no change? Can any one with a G1 and a non-Canon flash check this out? Many thanks.

P.S. I strongly believe there are modifications Canon doesn't tell
us about. In my opinion it doesn't make any sense to issue an
update to the general public with a tiny fix to a non-issue
"problem" that most users don't even notice.



Are you waiting to do this update, or do you not have the G1 anymore? Just curious why you aren't trying it yourself. Especially if you are not happy with the current firmware, you have nothing to lose at this point. Anyway, I also have a suspicion that the update will fix more than they listed, because even the first update seemed to fix other bugs. Of course, you say it created new ones also. This new bug may have been addressed, but they haven't never know, though.

Me, I am waiting to see what the general concensus is before I do any updates. I still have the original firmware. I wish I could save the firmware prior to updating, so that I can always go back. But maybe that is asking too much.

I certainly hope that they continue to support the camera with firmware updates, so that eventually everyone will be happy. I, on the other hand have never owned a camera that took an external flash before the G1, so I don't have as high of expectations on my camera, and I can't relate to the problems you are having.

I hope it all works out for you.


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