My First Duck! Comment Please

Started Jan 19, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: My First Duck! Comment Please

These look pretty good.

A few tips for ducks-

Use whole corn, cracked corn, or bread (wheat is better than white). Peanuts are not really very good for them or any other bird.

Try to get as low as you can when doing portrait type shots. An image shot on their level will be much better than one looking down on them. They are also likely to get closer when you are sitting or laying on the ground.

When they are close like this you need to stop down the lens some to increase your depth of field. F8 is a good starting point. Also try to keep your shutter speed above 250 as these are moving subjects.

Try to shoot when their face and or body is parallel to the film plane. This usually requires tracking them till they move just to the right position.


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