C1 pro 3.6 vs Breezebrowser 2.11

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Re: No longer a C1 fan

I own both C1 & BB, and I prefer C1 for conversions that are more important to me. BB is great for organizing, sorting, batch re-sizing, and the like but when it comes down to quality I generally prefer C1.


Agon wrote:
Jimmer one of the things you migth notice and no one wants to admit
and I see this mostly from C1 users (I own none, still choosing my
RAW converter), but like I was saying C1 user paid quite a bit of
cash and come rain or high wind you will hardly get one to admit
they spend their money on something that is, or might, after all,
not be that good or that others can be as good or better then C1
!!! But I have weeded those users out as far as considering their
opinions to help me choose my software because it is just biased,
not even close to fair except a few exceptions.


Jimmer wrote:

Aside from their horrible support and upgrade policies, I simply
can’t get C1 to produce results as good as Bibble or even
BreezeBrowser for that matter. I find that I lose detail with C1
regardless of sharpening. PSCS results are okay (and the workflow
is fine, particularly if you know how to use it properly), but I
find that it produces more noise in shadow areas if you are
attempting any sort of exposure recovery.

I know C1 has a lot of supporters here and because of that I
surmise that I may not be using it to it's full potential, but I'm
certainly not a newbie at this either and I simply can't get
consistent results with it.

IMO Bibble is a fantastic product and will only continue to get
better as it matures.

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