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Re: Bang-for-the-buck timeline.

Stan Powers wrote:
For your consideration:

Get an E-1 now (that student price is a killer!) and then grab an
E-300 (kit or just body) at a future price drop.

One can never have too many back-ups

Stan - 25 year (Off Wagon) Zuikoholic

talent28 wrote:

I've been in the market for an Olympus E-300 for a while. I
consider it very good value for its price. I had finally made up my
mind about buying it, so I went down to a camera store in the city.
There, I looked at the E-300, and alongside it was the E-1 at
almost the same price!

Now, I must add, it was the student discount price. But as I am
indeed a student, that price clearly applied to me.

This came as a big surprise to me. I was not expecting the pro body
to be that cheap, almost the same price as the amateur body. So I
went back home without getting a camera, because I couldn't make up
my mind.

So this is where i need some help. At the same price (almost),
would it be a good idea for me to choose the E-1 over the E-300? As
I figure, the E-300 has one big advantage over the E-1, and that is
the 8 mp vs 5. Now, I am planning to print at A3+ but not any
larger, and if 5mp is enough for this then doesn't the E-1 seem
like the better choice? Is 5mp really enough for A3+ prints or will
I notice a difference in print quality compared to 8mp?

I am an amateur photographer moving up from the Sony F-828 because
of its excessive noise at higher ISO and long exposures. I do a lot
of different photography, like landscapes, portraits, macro shots
etc. I do not expect I will really need all the pro features of the
E-1, but its always nice, I guess, to grow into the equipment. And
then there's the superior kit lens that comes with the E-1. Much
better than the E-300 lens I figure.

I'm grateful for any help, specifically, reasons why one is better
for me than the other.


I would revers that and buy the E300 now. The so call dog lenses that everyone thought would come with the E300 (including me) were proven wrong. They happen to be a little sharper than the one that came with the E1. Once Olympus brings out the next professional “E” camera, than you buy it, because it will be a hold new world over the exciting E1.


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