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Re: Sigma EX is a great line of lenses.

JCDoss wrote:

Louis4444 wrote:

Sigma is able to sell its lenses for canon cameras for one very
simple reason: They work.

I don't think so. They sell because the prices of Sigma lenses
looks cheap at a first glance (but not so in the long run and if
you do a more detailed comparsion).

In the long run? What the hell are you talking about?

I have suffered no damages by buying a Sigma 180/3.5 instead of the
Canon version at nearly 3x the cost.

...it's actually not possible to buy really "bad"
lenses anymore. It's about making smart decisions.

There's nothing "not smart" about buying Sigma EX glass. I have
three Sigma EX's, and I'm happy with each one.

I beg to differ but they don't always work. And I'm not a Canon lens snob. I have a Sigma 70-200 EX APO HSM and I love it. It works well with the 20D even with an external flash attached. (Canon 580EX) But I had to return 3 of the new Sigma lenses all EX models (17-35, 18-50, 24-70) because of compatability issues with the 20D when it has an external flash attached. I would call it damages when you loose the freight charges you paid on 3 orders and the frieght charges and insurance you pay for the return on 3 orders. And here is the real kicker, Sigma admitted to me in an email that they know about the problem. And they are still advertising the lenses as compatable with the 20D. Frankly I consider that dishonest and deceptive.

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